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Ways to Share it!

Small ArrowCreate a PSA
Small ArrowPlan a health fair
Small ArrowPlan a group walk or race
Small ArrowStock a soup kitchen
Small ArrowRaise funds for an AED
Small ArrowPublish a poem or song
Small ArrowCreate a poster campaign

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Small ArrowMy Climb for Heart Health

Share it!

Become an advocate for health. Create a video, public service announcement (PSA), write a poem or song, or share a health lesson plan. Use your knowledge and creativity to make a healthy impression on someone.

Upload your Share it! activity below. Approved submissions will be displayed on the home page.

Use the FREE materials in Resources to create Share it! projects.

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Backpack Newsletters (elementary)

Download, print (duplex), and send these parental newsletters home weekly in students' backpacks.

Adobe PDFA good breakfast Adobe PDFJuice Adobe PDFSleep Hygiene
Adobe PDFBreakfast Adobe PDFVitamin K Adobe PDFToxic Tobacco
Adobe PDFVitamin C Adobe PDFHealthy Lungs Adobe PDFUV Index
Adobe PDFVitamin D Adobe PDFMistletoe and other Holiday Plants Adobe PDFVulnerability
Adobe PDFEat less, move more. Adobe PDFNog Adobe PDFWash Your Hands
Adobe PDFFood for Learning Adobe PDFOrange Adobe PDFX-Rays
Adobe PDFGood Decisions Adobe PDFPotassium Adobe PDFMr.Yuk/Poison Control
Adobe PDFHealthy Family Meals Adobe PDFQuality Health Care Adobe PDFZoonois
Adobe PDFIrradiation Adobe PDFResolutions

Student Health Force® Posters

View the poster gallery. Then download, print, and display the free posters. In addition, there is a poster analysis worksheet available.


I am a Force for Health! - Poster Template Adobe PDF

Student Health Force® Poster Template Adobe PDF

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Student Health Force® Poster Template 2 Adobe PDF

Student Health Force® Poster Template 2 Image Icon

Learn it! Live it! Share it!®

Worksheet Adobe PDF


Template PowerPoint Presentation


To download images, right-click on the image and chose "Save Image As..." Or Support it! by placing one of our images on your website.

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Learn it! Live it! Share it!